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One of the largest challenges that businesses face is how to maximize their marketing dollars.  Is advertising the base way, does making a donation have the impact you would like?

With Alier your dollars do both!  

What is an Alier Sponsor?

Organization-friendly businesses can promote their business and show their support for a local, regional or national organization by advertising in apps by Alier Inc. A significant portion of your advertising investment will be credited to your sponsored organization(s), so your sponsorship directly benefits your chosen local, regional or national organization(s) by helping to provide this service by increasing resources to the organization!


What Are The Benefits?

Be Effective

How effective is your advertising?  With most advertising options we really don't know how effective our efforts are.  Increase your effectiveness by knowing that you are reaching your desired audience in a cost-effective way.


Be Essential

Most advertising today is a hoping you get the timing correct.  By reaching the correct audience at the correct time with essential, timely information, your message becomes that much more impactful to your desired audience.


Be Direct

By having access to your desired audience, with a defined message directly you don't spend your time wondering if the message missed the mark.


As a sponsor, your interactive banner ad will display to parents, students, teachers, family members, staff, and alumni all year long as they use the organizations' app. Your ad will feature your business logo or other artwork and will be designed to be unobtrusive and represent your business well. Clicking your ad can be set up to either open your website, contact you via email or open a video. Each app is limited to a maximum number of monthly sponsors guaranteeing your ad gets great exposure.  Additionally, you can sponsor as many organizations, across different demographics through multiple apps that you would like.


As an Industry-exclusive sponsor, you can be guaranteed to be the only sponsor representing your industry in the app that you sponsor.


As an Exclusive sponsor, yours will be the only advertisement for the organization that you sponsor and you will receive the additional benefit of being able to send a monthly push notification message.


To get started, simply complete the online Sponsor enrollment application or contact us to arrange a time to discuss your enrollment and options. Our design team will create your banner ad and get everything set up for you.

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