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Revenue Share Program

Every organization is in a battle between providing quality services, increasing involvement and the financial limitations of its association and members.  This is especially true for non-profit, volunteer or publicly funded organizations.


The Alier Revenue Share Program (ASRP) provides organizations a revenue solution that is unmatched and unlike anything in the market today.

Alier will do all the heavy lifting!


The Alier Revenue Share Program, ASRP,  is the foundation upon Alier was created.  We realized a need that is shared among all volunteer and publicly funded /supported organizations,  "How do we provide the services required and not become cost prohibitive for our members & communities?"

People are suffering from something called "Fundraising Fatigue".  It seems that everyone is selling something to ensure that organizations have the resources they need to continue. 


Small businesses are also in a battle between whether to sponsor a particular organization or invest in advertising.  The ASRP solves both of these challenges.

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