Frequently asked questions

What is the difference in a branded vs. non-branded app for individual organizations?

Branded apps are listed independently in the app stores and the app is represented on user devices with an icon featuring your organizations logo. Also, the name of the app is your organizations name.

Non-branded apps are accessed through the ALLY App which is represented in the app stores and on user devices with our company logo and name.

The first time a user opens the app, they will be prompted to select your organization to access the content.

What is the difference in a single site vs. a multi-site association app?

Single site association apps are limited to association /district level content and push notifications can only be sent by associate-level administrators.

Multi-site association-wide apps include individual sites for every organization in your association/district with all of the features and content available and segmented for each organization. Association/District administrators can send notifications to every user, while organization admins can send notifications that are only delivered to users that have selected their organization.

How long does it take to launch an app?*

30-60 days from when we’ve received a completed enrollment form, PO or payment and required graphic assets.

How can you provide so much service for such a minimal cost?

We designed our product to keep the investment for your organization or association/district as low as possible. All our ALLY by Alier develepors do is mobile apps for organizations & associations, so they’re really good at it. Our management and advisory team includes administrators, staff , clients and supporters of the types of organizations ALLY was developed for, so we know what is important to various organizations and their stakeholders & have designed a powerful platform that allows us to offer our services incredibly competitively.

When and why are app updates needed and is there an additional cost for them?

All of the content within the app and most of the graphic assets and colors can be changed at anytime without requiring an update to be published to the app stores. We publish 1-2 updates each year to improve the existing features, add new features and fix any minor bugs that are found. Also, updates are usually needed when Apple or Google release major updates their Operating Systems (OS) which they typically do once each year. There is no additional charge for content updates or app updates as they are needed.

Do you offer training for our admins and internal users?

The ALLY by Alier Admin Manager is very simple and straightforward. Most people are able to easily learn their way around it on their own in just a few minutes. We recommend and provide at no additional cost a training session via phone or webinar for your administrative team. This usually lasts about 30 minutes. Video tutorials are also available that cover all of the administrative functions below is a short Admin Manager demo.

We have a mobile or responsive website and our student information system (SIS) has an app. Why should we consider your product?

73% of internet users accessed content through a mobile app last year, and that’s expected to grow to more than 90% by 2017. Mobile and responsive websites are great and many of the popular school information systems now include some type of a mobile app that carries the SIS brand. Having a branded app is now a critical component of every organization’s PR and communication programs including schools and school districts. We make it easy and affordable for your school or district to have a branded app that enhances the resources provided by your web provider and SIS.

Our teachers and staff use a popular, free messaging system for communicating with students and parents. Why should we consider your product?

Push notifications are a great feature of our apps, and, in fact, one of the most popular. But, our apps provide many time-saving, valuable features in addition to notifications.

Also, what administrative controls or security measures do you have with the free system? With our APP Notification system, administrators can easily remove or restrict a member, staff or former users access at anytime if the situation arises. Also, all notifications are stored and accessible by administrators at any time.

Last, any business that is funded by venture capital and seeking to build a massive user base with no current revenue model will eventually change. When that occurs, your organization may end up having to pay to continue using a service you’ve become reliant on. Your data may be sold or used in an advertising model that you don't want to be associated with. Our business model is very transparent and designed to serve our organizational and association/district partners for many years to come. We do not sell or provide any non-public data to advertisers.

We are considering or already using a provider that offers a “free” app or one that is considerably cheaper than yours. Why should we consider your product?

Free is certainly tough to beat if price is all you are considering. Here are some other things to consider:

Check the user ratings and make sure the service you are considering is the quality that you would like to represent your district. Our apps average 4.9 out of 5 stars in the app store ratings, meaning that users find our apps to work well and provide real value.

Look at other school or district apps published by the “free” or cheaper provider. Are they really apps or just a collection of web links packaged within an app? Our apps provide real, native features which is what makes an app different from a website.

“Free” services tend to only be available through a “portal” app where your district’s info is combined with many other districts. Our district apps are true independent apps branded to your district meaning that you will have an independent listing in the app stores and an icon with your district’s logo giving your stakeholders a true branded experience.

Consider the hidden costs of your administrators and staff’s time. “Free” services do not offer the service we provide in managing content and updates.

Who is the “free” providers true customer Our revenue share program can be a great way to offset the costs for your school or district, but you are our customer. We will always make sure our apps serve the best interest of our school and district partners and their stakeholders, not advertisers.

Does purchasing a standalone app mean that you are going to custom design an app to our organizations or associations specifications?

We do offer custom design services and our development team can do just about anything when it comes to mobile app programming. However, our product and pricing as published is based on an existing framework. Much of it is easily customizable and many of our best ideas have come from our organization partners, so, by all means, let us know if you have an idea for a new feature or something you would like changed, added to or improved. It may already be possible within our flexible framework. Or, we may decide it fits well with our overall game plan, and make it happen for your app at no additional cost. If it doesn’t fit with our framework, we’ll be happy to provide you a detailed proposal for custom development.

Why would we not develop an App through our IT Department?

We have already done the hard work. Our ALLY by Alier developers are experts in thier field, it's all they do. They understand the needs of our customers and ALLY framework was developed to simplify as much for the administration and IT departments as possible. ALLY by Alier is fully functioning, field tested, proven and ready to use.