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A new generation of students and parents have grown up using their mobile devices.  Technology can streamline how parents & students interact with teachers & administration.  


Ally by Alier comes with

all of these great features.  


Below is how some of these features can be applied to Educations unique needs 

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ALLY by Alier provides a customized branded app on an individual school or district basis or as a multi-site district portal branded APP with individual branded sites for every school in your district with all of the features and content available and segmented for each school. District administrators can send notifications to every user and school admins can send notifications that are only delivered to users that have selected their school.  All Apps are available on iOS, Android and HTML5 web app available from any internet enabled device.

Looking for an integrated solution that includes a branded mobile app, your school or district website CMS and/or emergency messaging via voice, email and SMS (text) messaging? Contact us for a customized proposal to fit your school or district’s needs for any combination of these services.




Interactive calendars allow users to view events and subscribe to your school or district’s calendars. You can include calendars for general events, athletic teams, parent groups, and student clubs. 

Push Notifications

Through our mobile-friendly Admin Manager, administrators can send push notifications to your school or district’s users from any phone, tablet or computer from anywhere, anytime. Notifications can be sent to everyone with the app or targeted to specific groups and are a great way to communicate news, announcements, weather closings and more. Notifications can be sent real-time or scheduled for a later time.

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Language Translations

All of the features and content of your school or district’s app are accessible in over 30 languages

Custom Forms

Custom Forms can be used for anything and everything to get feedback or a response from parents, students and staff: survey’s, permission slips, absence reporting and more. Forms even can be setup to require a digital signature right from within the app. Processing and organizing forms is a breeze with the ability to easily share, print and sort responses.

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Digital Student ID

No more lost or missing Student ID cards! With the My ID feature, students can display their Student ID directly on their mobile device with all of the necessary information and barcode needed for the library, cafeteria, and other systems. Student ID’s can be set up to include the student’s name, grade, picture and ID#. Anywhere their phone or tablet goes, their ID will go with them.

With ID Badges, important info can be immediately accessed about a student at a glance. Badges can be used to denote if a student has purchased a sports pass, differentiate between car and bus riders, indicate medical conditions and more. 

Issue & Track

Hall Passes

The Hall Pass feature allows schools and districts to bring their out-of-class accountability procedure into the 21st century. With a few clicks on the student’s device, an approved teacher can issue a hall pass that displays the reason for the student to be out of class, the teacher who approved the pass, the student who the pass was issued to, the time and date issued and a countdown timer for how long the student has been approved to be out of class.

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My Assignments

My Assignments is today’s 21st century digital assignment notebook allowing students to quickly and easily keep up with all of their classes, tests, projects and homework complete with notes, due dates and customizable reminder alerts.

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