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Community & Sports Associations


A new generation of participants have grown up using their mobile devices.  Technology can streamline how parents & students interact with teachers & administration.  


Ally by Alier comes with

all of these great features.  


Below is how some of these features can be applied to Community needs.

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Interactive calendars allow users to view events and subscribe to your team, group or association's calendars. You can include calendars for general events, specific groups,  and clubs.

Push Notifications

Eliminate the "I didn't get the email" conversation!

Alert your team, parents, volunteers in real time of changes or anything else important.

We can segment audience Groups so you're always getting your message to those that need it. 

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Language Translations

All of the features and content of your school or district’s app are accessible in over 30 languages

Custom Forms

Custom Forms can be used for anything and everything to get feedback or a response from anyone using your app like: survey’s, permission slips, volunteer schedule and more. Forms even can be setup to require a digital signature right from within the app. 

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Digital ID


No more lost or missing ID cards! With the My ID feature, anyone you would like can display their  ID directly on their mobile device with all of the necessary information and barcodes needed for anything.  Anywhere their phone or tablet goes, their ID will go with them.  The uses are endless, as we can help you create ID Badges to fit whatever your needs.

Users can view a map marked with your event locations. Need directions to an away game or other event? Using the GPS capabilities of today’s smartphones and tablets, users can easily get directions from wherever they are to any event location.

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