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Schools & School Districts
Benefits for Administration
  • Push information updates to users, so they don't miss your email or social media posts

  • Schedule notifications in advance

  • Integrate systems like web & social media to avoid duplication

  • Protect your brand, keep your user data private

  • User groups for directed communication

  • Choose what information shared & with whom

  • and much more

Making Life Easier

Benefits for Administration

Alier provides organization like yours with a mobile solution t0 streamline and improve your communication, administration while strengthening your organizational community.

Our ALLY engine is designed to engage organizations users through a single point of interaction, their mobile device.

Apps can be implemented on:

  • An individual location or group/organization level.

  • As a multi-site portal branded app with individually branded sites for every organization involved, segmented for each individual organization. 


All apps can integrate with your organizational websites and 3rd party systems including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What we Provide

What we Provide
Why use
ALLY by Alier

We want to do more than just provide an app!  Alier started because we were frustrated with 4 main things:

  • Information we needed was scattered across many sites.

  • We missed relevant emails, social media posts 

  • Each organization is unique.  Their app should be as unique as them.

  • The one concern that we set out to solve was based on finances!

    • We didn't like seeing people miss out on participating in groups or activities because they didn't have the funds.​

    • Organizations couldn't improve this without having the financial resources.

   We started out to solve this challenge, and we firmly believe we have the solution!

Why Ally by Alier

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Making Life Easier

Everything in your hand.  Customized by you.

  • Only get alerts you would like

  • Access organization member lists

  • one touch shortcuts

  • Choose from over 30 languages

  • Sign forms

  • and more

Benefits for Users

Benefits for

Administrator Features

Admin Features

Secure Administration Portal with SSL and hosted on Microsoft Azure secure servers in Canada.

Included Administration Features

Administration System 

  • Content Automation & control

  • Full control to enable/disable features

  • App "look" control

  • SSO & SIS integration*

  • Faculty/Staff/ Volunteer Directory

  • Maps

  • Digital ID

  • LanguageTranslation (30+Languages)

  • Tip Line

No Content Limits

  • Unlimited Push Notifications

  • Unlimited Calendars

  • Unlimited Custom Forms

  • Unlimited Links

  • Unlimited Documents

  • Unlimited Pictures

  • Unlimited General Users

  • Unlimited 30 second Video messages

Optional Administration Features

  • Integrated Website

  • Secured Access - limits who has access to certain information

  • Voice dial, Text, Email - for broader reach

  • Custom .app eZlink

  • Broadcast! by Alier - (coming soon)

User Features

User Features

Important User items

  1. All labels, icons & colour scheme will be customized to your organization

  2. Ally by Alier is feature rich and not all features need or will be used by every organization

  3. Interface choice of menu or icon is determined the organization

  4. ​Advertising for Alier Partner Network members are small banner ads located on bottom of the user screen


Services included with Ally by Alier

App Implementation

Startup Development Team

Alier provides all design services for your app.  All we need are some graphics and organizational information.  Your app will be prepopulated as much as possible.  We will work with your internal teams to enable integrations are established wherever possible.  We will obtain approvals and listing for the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Training & Support


New systems can be intimidating.  Alier provides video, webinar, and if possible on-site training for the admin manager console and internal users.  We are also always available if you need help with anything on your app.


We provide marketing and promotional materials for you to promote your app to your organization & community.


Technical Development

Startup Development Team

As technology changes, features become available or may be improved, Alier will provide these improvements to the entire platform. 

New features may be optional for additional investment however any updates to existing features will always be at no cost to its partners.

We can provide custom features foe a fee.

Technology & Security

Startup Development Team

Alier will ensure compliance with all privacy legislation.  All data is stored in Canada using Microsoft Azure secure servers.  A key component of the ALLY platform is that we never track individual user data.  We don't require any information that is not publicly accessible.  AS each app is its own entity there is no crossover of data from one organization to another. 

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